Japan Years III Sneak Preview --- Yatto Yatta -ヤットヤッタ 

As we have been in transit the Japan Years III preview has been delayed until now- but here is the new Japanese Space Cumbia track ヤットヤッタ。https://soundcloud.com/dolomites/the-dolomites-yatto-yatta-finally-done
The closest English translation for Yatto Yatta is [Finally Done] and was originally released on the Dublavixx Demos back in 2006. Re-recorded in 2015 for the Japan Years Trilogy coming out this summer. Stevhen Koji Baianu plays accordion, bass, vocals, percussion, gong, theremin, beat production, mixing. The original version and recording from 9 years ago can be heard at the link below in very lofihttps://myspace.com/thedolomitesoriginal/video/yatto-yatta-/56270612
Stay tuned in a few weeks we'll be sharing a preview track from Japan Years I