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Japan Years III Sneak Preview --- Yatto Yatta -ヤットヤッタ  

As we have been in transit the Japan Years III preview has been delayed until now- but here is the new Japanese Space Cumbia track ヤットヤッタ。
The closest English translation for Yatto Yatta is [Finally Done] and was originally released on the Dublavixx Demos back in 2006. Re-recorded in 2015 for the Japan Years Trilogy coming out this summer. Stevhen Koji Baianu plays accordion, bass, vocals, percussion, gong, theremin, beat production…

Japan Years II Pre-Release 酔どれ夢ーYoidore Yume [Drunken Dream] Edit  

This is the second instalment of the Japan Years Trilogy Pre-Releases 

This week we bring you Drunken Dream (酔どれ夢ーYoidore Yume).
酔どれ夢ーYoidore Yume was originally recorded in Tokyo, Japan in 2008 with Akiyasu Ono- Tuba, Quchyu Shinshi - Darabuka, and Tanaka Masayoshi - 和太鼓 - Japanese traditional drum. Accordion, vocals, and production, percussion by Stevhen Koji Baianu.

The song tells the story of a drunken Japanese salary man whose home becomes the drinking parlours and karaoke bars in old town Tokyo
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Dolomites Nominated For 14th annual Independent Music Awards : Press Release 

The Dolomites are Among 400 Of The Year's Most Exceptional Artists & Releases Nominated In
The 14th Independent Music Awards

March 26, 2015 - The Global Music entity, the Dolomites who are based in Mexico, Japan, and the USA were named by Music Resource Group (MRG) as a Nominee of The 14th Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential awards program for independent artists and releases. Independent Music Awards nominations in more than 80 Album, Song, EP, Music Producer, Music Video and Design…Read more

Japan Years Trilogy - Release scheduled for Summer 2015...   

The Japan Years Trilogy will finally be released this year in its entirety. First in Japan in June, then in August Globally. However The Dolomites will be releasing a track and the story about each song in the Japan Years Trilogy every 11 days starting today until the Global Release. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more news about the Japan Years and Japan Tour 2015.  
止めちゃ駄目ーYamecha Dame [Never Give Up] Track 2 Japan Years I 
Originally written and recorded in Brooklyn, NY in 2003 on "Darumanian Chophouse" [out of…Read more